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Looong day (and assorted HP foo)

Even though two other staffers did a lot more work than me, a seven+ hour ONS is a long ONS. Zzz. Long, long ONS.

My Harry Potter picture-of-the-day calendar had a good picture on Friday. How about a nice close up of Lucius's cane? Too bad my scanner didn't get a good picture of it, the original has a lot of yummy detail.

That not to your taste? How about a sexy-as-heck Black?

Or Riddle in a cool pose?

Monday is going to be a really busy work-day. Blech. Monday is also the start of the HP100 week. If I can't check LJ during the day from work, I'm going to have tons and tons of posts to work through Monday night. I really need/want to do some personal RP at some point, too. I need more hours in my day...
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