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I should be asleep, but I don't want to go to bed

I started reading this web comic a while back. The first few pages were interesting, then it turned bad. Really bad. I started following it for the "quality" of the dialog. This week's page takes the cake for a whole different reason.

WARNING: VERY VERY NOT WORK SAFE. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IF YOU ARE AT WORK. VERY GRAPHIC NWS IMAGES. We joke about bad armor a lot, how on female models it leaves the most important areas unprotected. This armor takes the cake! (Again, very very NWS.)

How exactly does that-- er those, stay on? Suction cups?

Also, I want to know what happened to the storyline in the first couple pages. Bait and switch! I though I was getting some kind of a Norse/werewolf comic, but instead it turned into a bad porn movie.

And now I shall go to bed, like a responsible adult. How could I be exhausted the entire day, then when bedtime comes it's suddenly 'AWAKE AWAKE I WANT TO STAY UP!'?
Tags: amusing, scary people, webcomic: norse
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