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Ellie New Cat is not fooled by your version of reality.

In general, Ellie doesn't eat people food. This does not mean she doesn't want it.

Whenever I eat, she comes and sits on the desk next to me and makes her little chirpy meow. "What's that you've got there? I know it's food!"

So, even though I know she will not eat it, I hold a little out to her. She sniffs it, then goes back to chirp-begging.

I put a small bit of the food down by her paws. I know she will not eat it. I know I'll have to clean the spot up. She sniffs it, then looks at me, hurt. "You haven't fooled me. You're eating food. I want some. Share what you're eating."

So I take another small bit of my food, eat half of it, offer her the other half. She watches me do this, but remains unconvinced that I'm sharing the good stuff.

Eventually she makes a louder meow at me, disappointed in my selfishness, then walks off.
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