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I really, really hate goldmaking blogs (WoW)

Like WoW RP, WoW goldmaking blogs suffer from the lack of quality control: Anyone can RP anything on WoW. There are no applications to fill out, no staff to make sure everyone is staying on theme. If you want to RP Dr. Who as a dragon from LotR, there's nothing to stop you from doing so. Same with writing goldmaking blogs. Anyone can do it. Too many people do it. Too many damned stupid people who have no idea what they're doing.

"They're all idiots" is hardly enough fodder for a post though, at least until this morning. One of these stupid people posted a tip on a weapon to sell for transmogging. "The Best Mogging Item You Never Knew Existed!" was the subject line.

1) This is NOT new. I sold the damned weapon from day one of transmogging coming out. This is so not new that it's not worth doing anymore, because so many other people sell it.
2) This line from his post:

Selling Advice

My personal advice for anyone trying to sell the [weapon] is to keep it quiet."

So the advice he's giving, in his public blog, is to not tell anyone about it. ARRRGGG

These people. These stupid, stupid, stupid people. Fight Club jokes aside, the first rule of making gold is to shut your damned mouth. Know a great thing to sell? Tell one person, now you'll make half the sales. And of course that one person will tell others too, further reducing your sales. Loose lips sink ships!

If you're serious about making gold, you will NOT be writing a goldmaking blog. Most of these blogs are so full of bad/wrong ideas and suggestions that I'd think they were trying to mislead new sellers (but I doubt they're clever enough for that).

It's getting to the point where I think this is my life:

These people. Sigh.

Edit: Arg! And a different blog had a similar post this morning:
Like all speculative posts, if everyone jumps onto the bandwagon, then we may end up with oversupply and a price crash.
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