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Deal with the devil (RL)

Last Christmas or the one before, I learned that Salvation Army wouldn't aid people who were homosexual. I stopped donating to them, I didn't even toss change into the bell ringers' buckets. I wanted nothing to do with them.

However, I'm a weak, weak person. I don't mean I gave in and donated, I mean that I can't lug really heavy things around.

Long time back, I bought a stationary exercise bike. It seemed like a great idea -- I could use it while watching TV! Problem is, it... um... had issues. With the seat. It made every part of me in contact with the seat fall asleep and go numb (and, like every time something falls asleep, feeling returns with pins and needles). It was too seriously odd and uncomfortable to continue with, so I bought a new seat for it, but it changed nothing. Maybe something about how my body is made makes stationary bikes not a good choice. Whatever, I hadn't used it in years, it was really really big, and I was sick of it cluttering up my living room.

Problem is, it was almost too big for me to tug across the room, let alone get it out of my apartment, down the steps, and down the street to the dumpster.

There was a second big item I wanted to be rid of: A monitor I last used maybe 10 years ago. It was bigger than any TV I ever owned, weighed maybe 75 pounds. Massive. Predated flat panels.

I thought about just leaving it by the road with a 'Free' sign, but I worried no one would take it and it would be traced back to me. I thought about listing it in freecycle or Craig's List, but I didn't really want strangers showing up at my home (and I couldn't take it to meet someone elsewhere). But the Salvation Army has donation trucks! They'll come pick things up!

So I poked at their website and scheduled a pickup for today. (And in doing so, I saw that I tried to donate the monitor three years ago and they refused it then, meep.) Unfortunately the wait was long. They could have came as early as 7 AM, but they ended up coming at 2. Blah! BUT! They took everything! Not only the bike and the monitor, but a few other items I wanted to get rid of as well. WOO!

I still kind of feel bad for donating, but not too bad. If they had refused to take either item (and I was sure they'd refuse at least the monitor), I was going to to rent a big dolly from U-Haul so I could move it to the dumpster. In the past on my friends list, I've read stories of people having to pay for people to come and haul away really big items -- I really didn't want to have to do that.

There's the bonus of these things not ending up in the trash, too. Both items work. Maybe the exercise bike will help someone else. Maybe they'll price the monitor so low that someone would be willing to buy it.

I'm really amazed they took the monitor. It had Pokemon stickers on it! (I had been using it back in the MUSH days.) They didn't blink, they didn't even ask if it worked, they just grabbed and ran.

My living room looks so much better without those two things in it. :D
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