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Amazingly stupid woman will give you free Nutella

Sometimes people are so stupid that it's painful.

Two mothers took Nutella makers to court because SHOCK! GASP! Nutella is not a health food. The mothers had blindly believed television commercials and so thought that Nutella was good to feed their kids. They were "shocked" to learn the chocolate spread was actually no different than a candy bar.

When asked why they didn't just read the product label, she said "If I stopped to read every label, I'd probably spend four to five hours in the grocery store". She claims she did it for all consumers, she didn't do it out of greed. HA.

Well, her greed could work out for you. If you bought any Nutella in the last few years, you can get a refund for it. The claim form is here, you can get a refund for up to five jars, no proof of purchase or other paperwork needed, just fill in the online form. You can get back up to 5 jars, $5 each, total of $25.
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