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Sleepy Sunday

Slept eight hours last night (a sadly rare thing), but still feel like going and sleeping more.

Played the Harry Potter game for the first time in a couple days (haven't had time before now). Got to Hogwarts. Still enjoying the game, but my wish to Flipendo Ron to hell and back keeps on growing and growing. I'm happily exploring the castle, and every minute or so he pipes up with his annoying, whiny voice, "Come on, Harry! I'm up here, Harry! Hurry up, Harry!". Yes, yes, I am aware you're waiting for me. Shut up and wait.

I'm going to try the Orange Glazed Chicken recipe tomorrow... though I have to amend it. I don't have marjoram, but I do have "italian spices", and the first thing listed on there is marjoram, so I'm going to try substituting that. I have no nutmeg, so I'm going to just leave that out. (I have cinnamon, but I don't know if that's close enough to nutmeg to count. I suspect not, so I'll not try it.) Hopefully it'll still taste okay.

Need to take a nap is growing....growing...growing...

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