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Few things make me go "What the hell?!" out loud. :/ (RL)

I know I'm generally preaching to the choir in my LJ, but this was just so horrible I had to write about it anyway.

I was watching the news when a story came on. Mitt Romney apologized for bullying gay people while in college. My first thought was "A horrible thing to do, but at least he's apologizing", but then the story went on. This only came out because FIVE people came forward about his acts of bullying gay people.

Here's a story on one case, Romney followed a classmate most thought was gay, and when the kid was alone, knocked him down and cut off his long hair. The school photo of Romney at the time make him look at least 20.

Good job, man. Apologize now, only after it comes out in the media. He claims he doesn't remember this happening at all. (Abuse so many gay folks that it all blurs together, huh?)

I wish I didn't know who I would vote for, so I could say this decided it for me, but I can't. This makes me so angry. It makes me sick to my stomach that this will make some people like him more.
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