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It gets better... unless you vote for Mitt Romney (And WoW)

This bullying story is making me so sad and so upset. Five different people of varying political parties have come forward with stories of how Romney bullied gay kids in school. All say he was the ringleader. One described in more detail the bullying I posted about yesterday, the look of terror in the kid's eyes after they chased him down and held him down and cut off his hair.

"But he was just a kid, everyone does stupid stuff in high school!" Yes, that's true. I did some very bad things as a kid too. But know the difference between Romney and myself? I have changed. I'm not doing the same thing now. My thoughts and my actions reflect that. What's your stance on gay rights now, Mitt? Oh, right, you're still a bully, you just have more power to hurt people now.

I hope this doesn't go away. I hope people don't forget about this. This is unacceptable in anyone, let alone someone trying to become president.


So, WoW. In MoP, achievements are going to change. Not only are they going to be account-wide, the progress will be, too:

If Alt A does X number of quests and Alt B does Y number of quests, and X + Y = Loremaster, ding! You're a Loremaster.

It seems safe to assume this will apply to other achievements? Between all of my alts, I have about 78,000 HKs. So if I get 22K more on some alt, I'll get the 100K HK achievement and the 'of the Horde' title.

I PvPed on Clove yesterday (my only non-85). In three hours, I made about 150 HKs. Blah.

I'm semi-pondering working on this. 'of the Horde' is a rare title, I've only seen it once or twice the whole time I've been playing. (Though people might mistake it for some rep-related title...) Problem is, 22K is a darned lot of HKs.

If I really hated myself, I could combine this with WSG rep (I have the other two done) and get the Conqueror title. Problem is, I hate WSG more than anything else in the whole game. I think I'd rather get geared up and raid over spamming WSG. :/

Option #3 is to wait for MoP and level my last alt (#11) through BGs. I did that with Kianlar and ended up at then-cap 80 with 50K+ HKs.
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