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Cat's in the Korra with a silver spoon? (art, Korra, WoW)

Okay, that didn't quite work. A cat and a Korra and a WoW!

djinni, the fellow who does hundreds of free icons at a time, was drawing them on livestream tonight, and I caught it. AND he was doing mine! EEE! Unfortunately he stopped for the day in the middle of my batch (I get three this time, since I donated). But I got to see the first one being drawn! I love seeing sketches and things in progress, it's like getting to see how a magic trick is done. :)

I wanted an icon for my book review posts, so I asked for a cat sleeping on a book as my first one.

The sketch:

The whole page in progress:


Unfortunately I messed up taking a screenshot of it finished/colored. It came out so spiffy! "No matter," I said to myself, "I'll get a screenshot when he starts on my next one!" But that was the end of his hour of work, so he stopped. Hopefully I can catch the next time he does a livestreaming, so I can see my next ones made, too. Otherwise it will be a surprise, which is great as well.

Korra is so amazing. o.O I need a Korra icon. I cannot believe how much happens in one ep! It feels like a whole season in a half-hour. It's boggling and so very great. Other shows would draw out the bending tournament for an entire season!

WoW: I've finally made a full circle in WoW. I leveled my first alt to 80 (then cap) through PvP only... now I'm back to PvPing. Warlock PvPing is pretty darned fun. I'd like to think people kill me first because I annoy them too much with damage and fearing them, but likely it's more like "Hey look! A clothie! Easy kill!". It amuses me to make myself as challenging to kill as possible. Oh it'll happen eventually, sometimes sooner rather than later, but I do enjoy making them work for it.

I'm up to 900 HK (of 22,000 needed). Twin Peaks is the Call to Arms, and I gave it two shots, but I HATE it. HATE HATE HATE. It's just WSG with a more annoying layout. And let me tell you how much I hate WSG! So mostly I've been TBing (since hitting 85, before that it was all BGs).

I hope this isn't all for nothing. A blue post said for hard achievements, like 250K HKs and 2,500 daily quests done, progress would be shared across alts. I'd think 100K would have to fall under that, too. Fingers crossed.
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