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Daunting tasks (AKA: Ellie is going to HATE me)

Ellie New Cat has a dirty mouth. She has two different viruses in it, one of which has no cure. As a result of this, at the ripe old age of two, she's lost five teeth already.

One of the two viruses has a cure, and the vet says when you cure one the other sometimes gets better, so we're going to try that. Unfortunately the first med we tried made her very sick. (Not-so-funny story: Cat has diarrhea from meds, gets a big puddle of it on her foot by mistake, goes racing around the apartment from one hiding place to another, because suddenly human is being all scary and trying to grab her...)

So today I went to the vet to pick up a different medicine for her to try. This time it's in liquid form. On no. D: I could hide pills in Pill Pockets and she gobbled them down without a care in the world. But liquid? When she doesn't want to be caught and rarely even wants to be held? Let alone doesn't want my hands near her face...

More than the challenge of doing it, I'm worried about breaking her trust in me. :/ Poor little Ellie.

(Side note: I always want to write "virii", not "viruses", but lists only "viruses" as the plural, so I'm going to stick with that.)

And in other sick-thing news, I still am. We're going on two weeks here, lungs and chest and throat! Get better, I'm sick of coughing! Sleeping the night through would be a lovely change, too.
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