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Well, um, yeah, but... (Lots of random stuff)

You are a Slytherin because you are in love with
Severus Snape, the head of house. Chances are
you would otherwise be in Ravenclaw. By the
way, you can't have him, he's mine.

Why are you a Slytherin?
brought to you by Quizilla

Odd results there. I didn't pick potions as my favorite subject (Transfiguration), and I picked tabby cat as favorite animal. Maybe favorite color (black) and spending time (alone) pushed me his way... And, well, what I look for in a guy, at least out of the options on that list (Tall, dark, attractive, loner). Okay, maybe that's why. Heh.


In other news, people are so stupid. We have example applications up on our website. For the umpteenth time, *my* application has been stolen and submitted as this person's own work. Idiots. Stealing the app of the person running the game. At least they won't know better and so might go play in traffic or something...


In other, other news, I had a silly nightmare last night. There had been a nuclear war or something, for whatever reason 99.9% of the humans were gone from the earth. (I get that a lot, I think it has to do with all the 'end of the world' nuclear war crap they fed to us when I was a kid.) But anyway, there were maybe ten of us left in the whole state/country, my mother and sister included. We had only two working cars, and my mother and sister drove off in one for a week. We thought they had died.

However! That was hardly our biggest worry, for dinosaurs were either going to eat us or step on us and smush us. I guess one of the ten people left was a cop, because he was out trying to direct the dinosaurs as if they were traffic. It didn't work, they didn't even see him (but luckily he didn't get stepped on either).

When mother/sister returned, they brought more doom and gloom with them: Some mutated monsters followed them back: Giant hawks/falcons/whatevers with streams of water for feet. We were all afraid because somehow that made them more deadly. (It was actually rather pretty...)


I checked the crock pot while at home. I'm afraid the Orange Glazed Chicken I mentioned yesterday isn't going to come out well. Half the liquid was gone, and the chicken was looking rather dry. I added a half cup of hot water and stirred it, so maybe that'll help. (I never added water in the middle of the day before, hope that's okay.) Also, I suspect it'll suffer from the same problem the honey-mustard chicken did: It'll turn black before I get home. All the sugar's going to burn, I think... Oh well. We'll see.

I need to find more chicken recipes I like; after eating pot roast for three days, I'm all red meat'ed out. It was excellent pot roast, even after the third reheating of it, but enough's enough.
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