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If you can breathe without pain right now, be happy

Unsurprisingly, after two weeks of nonstop coughing day and night, I've pulled(?) something in my chest. (Unless I snapped a rib, which is possible to do from coughing, but I don't think I did.) This morning it only hurt when I coughed ("only", though I'm still coughing a lot). Tonight it's every time I inhale.

I sneezed three times this afternoon and thought I was going to die from the pain.

Even blowing my nose makes my chest hurt. I'm trying so hard not to cough, but the tickle builds and builds until I can't resist it anymore. Ow ow ow. I took my bottle of painkillers (over the counter stuff) to Alaska with me, and the bottle opened in my backpack so I had to throw it away, and I hadn't replaced it yet. Sure do wish I had saved some of the ones that were rolling around in the open, I'd happily take some now.

And in sick cat news: Ellie took her first dose of liquid medicine surprisingly well, though half of tonight's went on her cheek instead. Ugh. The blood tests for this cost about $150, so I don't want her to miss any doses and for us to have to go through this again...
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