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A mishmash of somewhat related stuff.

So sad that Game of Thrones is done for another season! And worse yet, next week Korra is over for the season. D: D: My two main TV shows! Weeds returns July 1st, but that's a half-hour and story-light. Homeland returns in September, but that's forever away.

I'm being strongly nibbled on by the Avengers fandom. Usually I'd say I was eaten by it, but I don't feel the connection I had with my previous fandoms. This is odd, as I've been reading Avengers fics nonstop for nearly a week now.

A question: Why in fics is Clint/Hawkeye so disliked by the other Avengers? Is it something from the comics or some "fandom canon" thing? It seems really odd.

It's interesting how much characterization varies from fic to fic. I don't mean this marks a bad fic or bad writing, I think it's more that different people see the characters so differently. (Or, hm, might be comic book canon vs movie canon...)

I've only seen Thor and the Avengers once each, so I feel kind of weak in canon. My mental "correct" version of these characters is formed by the good fics I read. I never would have thought that Loki/Steve would be my pairing of choice. I love Tony to death, but something about Loki/Steve is just so touching and sweet and longing and eeee. Heck, I'm surprised how much I like Steve in general! I usually run screaming from nice guy/good guy characters.

I really should have kept a better list of the fics I like, so I could make a rec post. Everything I've read so far by teh_helenables would be on it, but especially Tell me the story of how you ended up here. Loki/Steve, though gen. It's so sweet and I love Loki so!

Health: It's a darned good thing my coughing has mostly stopped, because I'm leaning more and more towards my rib being fractured instead of it being a pulled muscle. I got almost no sleep last night because it hurt so much. The pain has expanded, it now wraps around from the front of my ribs to the back. Sitting/standing it's okay, but when I'm in bed it's horrible. I picked up over the counter painkillers at lunchtime, and happily they take the edge off the pain. I hope that'll be enough to let me sleep.
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