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Now I'll like shopping even less. Or: Screw you, environment (RL)

For those not in this area: California is attempting to ban plastic shopping bags. In every town the ban has come up, it has been legally challenged and thus cannot go forward. There's been only one single town that has not challenged it: The town I live in.

6/20 is when the ban begins, less than ten days from now. I went shopping yesterday, thinking I had time left, but they were already out of plastic bags and weren't going to order more.

"So Thistle, use paper bags!"

I did. Right now, until 6/20, they're free. After the 20th they'll be charging for them. You will get no bag of any kind for free when shopping anywhere in my hometown.


By the way, have you used paper bags lately? They suck. S-U-C-K. It's hard to carry more than one or two at once, and worse than that they rip easily. All my groceries ended up all over the sidewalk multiple times.

Not only is there the pain of, you know, not having a bag to hold all the stuff you buy, but there's the fact that I need those plastic bags. I clean the catbox into them. (I also used them for my general garbage, but now I've stopped that. I actually have to save up the plastic bags I have left...)

I'm usually all for the environment, but in this case I have to disagree. Yes, I know they make reusable bags for shopping, but they're dirtier, a pain, and as I said, I use the plastic bags for other things as well.

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