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I do not like a lot of the WoW playerbase

I was going to post this on Dear_Gnome, but I don't think I can take the flaming (if it came to that) today.

As I mentioned, I've been doing a lot of PvP lately. As happened last time I threw myself into it, it's making me hate the game and the players of it. Part of it is my own fault, but part of it is not.

I do Tol Barad as often as I can. When the queue is kind to me, I do it a bunch of times on a weekday and many times on a weekend. As Horde wins 90% or more, Alliance doesn't queue as much, so fewer Horde people can get in. This evening, after three times not being called to battle, I got in.

Unsurprisingly, the battle was very one-sided. I'm not sure why, since the game keeps the numbers about even. Why are Alliance doing so poorly? I don't know. It wasn't always like this, I remember when they won more than they lost. Not everyone who fights in TB does.

Tonight was worse than usual, people insulting Alliance in /raid chat. I made the same mistake I always do: I spoke up against it. I pointed out that keeping trying when you lose a lot means something, but I got shouted down. Over and over I tried to point out how easy it is to show up and fight when you win all the time, but no one wanted to hear it.

This is my issue (only worse) in other BGs. When someone uses "gay" wrong or "tard" or whatever, I bite my tongue so hard, but I can't stay quite. If I'd just keep my mouth shut it would be less stressful, but I always have (misplaced) hope that at least one person will listen and learn. (Why would they, when the whole PvP culture says it's okay to "rape" the other team?)

I'm tired and I'm depressed. These aren't just characters run by a computer, these are people who are out there walking the streets. They're not all kids, either. How many adults playing thing it's okay to call other players a "bunch of tards"?

PvP can be fun, it IS fun, it would be just as fun without the stupid insults. I understand (fully understand!) that IC is different, but these people have to know that the people sitting behind the keyboard on Alliance side are the same as them.

I'm just so sad and depressed and hurt that people think this is acceptable.

To quote the late Rodney King, can't we all just get along? At least OOCly?
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