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Picture time -- HP, FFX, and Yu Gi Oh! (And dinner, or lack thereof)


Scabbers sits atop my computer, watching worriedly over my head. Makes me feel like something's about to swoop down upon us. (Flash made it totally wash out, so I'll have to get a better picture next time it's sunny/daytime.)

Tidus (tiny picture) and his ever faithful Rattata, stand guard, keeping Scabbers (who is larger than Tidus by a lot) safe. I lost Yuna somewhere. She fell off my computer/desk, and I think my cat made off with her. One day Yuna will show up again, and Tidus will cop an attitude because she'll be pregnant with kittens.

Mrs. Norris doesn't look so deformed here, it's all in the angle. In truth, her head is bigger than her body. I'm not sure why she has a pretty green collar (probably for the same reason Scabbers has a green bracelet...)

Mrs Norris has scary feet! Her toes look prehensile.

And, lastly on the photos, Bandit Keith! He's the reason I started watching Yu Gi Oh.

A biker, stubble, leather jacket, and a smirk. What more could you want? Oh yeah, and he's a bad guy, too!

I love his attitude. So confident, so insultingly arrogant. Mmm.

Smirk, smirk. And check out those muscles!

I need to add those three to the main sexy men of Yu Gi Oh page.


On a more depressing note, my crock pot cooking (boneless chicken breast in orange sauce) came out the worst ever. I forced myself to try a bite, to make sure it tasted as bad as it smelled/looked. It did. That's an impressive thing when it smells like burnt oranges and looks like week-old liver. Blech. So, I had no dinner. My apartment smelled like orange-hell. No dinner for Thistle. Made me grumpy.

Not going to cook in the crock pot tomorrow. Going to get Chinese or something. Anything. No more week-old orange-flavored devil livers. Blech.
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