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End of Korra (TV)

I have mixed feelings on the ending. A few things I liked, a whole lot I didn't. I think I frowned through the last hour/two eps, which makes me sad.

I know that the series was SO GREAT that the ending would have a hard time living up to it. But that the series was so good... shouldn't the ending have been just as good?

Things I didn't like, not a complete list:
-How did Korra know the secret way in? She's new to the city, she arrived not long ago. How did she suddenly know another way to get in?

-I didn't like Amon's entire background. The whole 'evil father' thing just felt so cliche.

- How exactly does one remove bending ability with blood bending? Does that mean the ability to do it is granted by some physical part of the body? That makes no sense to me.

- Mako. TRUE WUV. The ending. I can't even write more on this point. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Why? Other than schoolgirl crush (which, okay, Korra is a teenager, but that still annoyed me).

- Bolin at the end. In my opinion, he's not funny. He's annoying. (But then, I felt the same about Sokka and he was filling that role.)

- Bumi (jr). I've had quite enough of this whole 'grandkid is the same as the grandparent' thing. WHY is he just a younger version of the previous character?

- Iroh (jr). I went from YAY ZUKO'S VOICE to ...ugh. It still doesn't fit, and it was really jarring. Why does the general sound like an angsty teenage boy? Also: It annoys the heck out of me when a character can suddenly fly an airplane.

Things I liked:

- The final end with Tarrlok and Amon in the boat. I thought/hoped he would kill his brother directly, but blowing them both up fit better.

Things I'm not sure about:

- Korra getting her bending back. I guess I'm okay with it, but... mostly I was really rather annoyed at this point and was having a hard time caring or forming an opinion.

- Korra returning everyone's bending. I assume she will. (My recording cut out just as she returned Beifong's, so if there was something about everyone else's after that, I missed it.)

Feels like I should have more in this post besides just cut text...
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