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I'm missing a basic life skill... (RL, RL, RP, WoW)

I'm missing a basic life skill and I don't know how to go about getting it. (Or maybe no one has it and I just think everyone does.)

How do you know when it's okay to get angry? How do you know how much anger is okay in response to a situation?

I have confrontation issues, and they're getting worse as I get older. The latest example: My bathtub doesn't drain. Even though I live in an apartment, I always start by using Draino. Usually this fixes the issue, but this time it did not.

A week ago, I emailed the apartment owner (he fired the manager to save money). No reply from him.
Two days later, the complex handyman showed up, but said he couldn't do it that day and we arranged a time for the next day.
The next day, he did not show up at all.
I emailed the owner, letting him know that. No reply.
Four days passed, no reply, no handyman. I'm still standing in ankle-deep water each time I shower, takes hours to drain.
Tonight I sent off another email. I gave him the above summary and closed with "When will someone be coming? I'm getting tired of waiting day after day, with no word of when or if someone will show up."

But in this situation and others like it, I question myself endlessly. Do I have a right to be angry? (In this case I'd say so. Especially since he's been raising our rent every other month for six months...) It's not a life or death issue though, so...

How in the world do people learn when it's okay to be angry and how angry is appropriate? Seems like something little kids should learn. How did I miss learning?

In unrelated news: I think I ate nothing but carbs today. D: I went to the farmer's market and got the most wonderful carbs things. Corn on the cob that was as sweet as candy. I've never had corn that sweet before! AMAZING.

Unfortunately the strawberries I got weren't very good. Booths always get me with samples though, I feel like if I take a sample, I really should buy from them, which is just totally wrong.

I bought bread, which is something I never do at the farmer's market. Mmm, fresh baked rolls. Silly me bought way too many though. "Oh? It's okay to buy bread this week? THEN I WANT ALL OF IT GIMME!". I wonder if rolls freeze? I'm going to have to try that.

RP: As in, I RPed! Finally, eee! It's not a deadline at all, but I had a goal of going back to RP by the end of the month. I had a long scene with the wonderful prettyredeyes, and after that came about a reason for further RP: Thistle's going to throw himself into the world of sex, ha ha! (Edit: I suspect that sentence sounds so wrong...) He's got old, outdated opinions about sexuality in his head, and he has to figure out how to get them changed. I suspect it will make for some mighty amusing RP!

One day I'll make a WoW post, but by then I'll likely forget all the things I wanted to post about. :P I guess I should do it now:
- Crossed the 90K HK mark, but decided no rush to do the last 10K before MoP, since after MoP I could get XP for BGs as well.
- Finished the Hellscream's Reach rep (with mostly just TBs, I only did three or four days of dailies), got my ghost wolf mount. YAY YAY YAY I love that mount so much but never thought I'd get it.
- I now own nearly every heirloom in the game, JP and honor both. I have honor coming out of my ears and nothing else to spend it on.
- I'm strongly considering getting a second WoW account even though I REALLY don't want to. (I know, I know, so why am I considering it?) It's just that it would be so handy, would make making money easier, I could get a RAF mount, and I have 10/10 85s on my first account, so there's no use for all those heirlooms. And more alts = more goldmaking!
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