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Do you want to make money writing? Do you want to make money not-writing? (RL)

I found an interesting LJ comm yesterday, market_finder. Publications put up posts looking for short stories, listing details, price offered, and contact info. Of course non-writer me can't tell you how well it works, but the comm has more than 250 followers, so I'd guess its on the up-and-up.

The second site is one I'm using myself. Once you sign up on the site, you set up how often you'd like to be contacted (twice a day to once a week or less). Then they send you surveys to fill out. You either get the full amount offered or some partial amount of it, depending on if you qualify to take it or not. The least you get is 25 cents, the most I've personally seen is $15.

The surveys are surprisingly not too boring (though I don't often qualify for them, they've been mostly music-based for me so far and I don't listen to much music).

When you've made enough money, you cash it out in the form of a gift card or a discount card. (For the most part, you're going to want the gift card. The discount card is like "15% off X Airline going to Y location" -- not generally useful to most folks.) The places you can get gift cards is limited, but as both Starbucks and GameStop are on the list, I think it's safe to say that there's something for everyone on my friends list. :)

Note: I haven't actually tried to cash out yet, I've only made $7.60 so far (in maybe two weeks; yes it's slow, but it's nearly effortless, so...). However, before starting this I did my research, and it does seem like it's valid.

Downside: For some odd reason, a dollar on the site doesn't mean a dollar towards a gift card. Both the $25 GameStop and Starbucks cards cost $75 e-rewards dollars.

Upside: Once you figure out how the surveys work, you can adjust your answers so you're more likely to qualify, if you don't have issues with doing that.
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