Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

The first rule of Fight Club... (WoW, stray kitty)

I love rare items. Usually I don't write about AH stuff, but conversation with felknight last night about the pricing of rare things in game made me think about all this.

I just sold an alchemy recipe for about 19,000. (I actually listed it at 11K, but she paid me 7K gold, 12 white kittens (she priced them at 300-500 each, but they're moving right now at 1K each), a fancy weapon, and a couple stacks of the Dream Vision potion itself. The gold and the kittens alone come to about 19K, the weapon and potions are just icing.

(Dream Vision potion lets you explore zones in your "dreams" -- your body, but you can't get aggro and you can jump really high/can't die from falling damage. Perfect for MoP coming!)

...ha ha. As usual, I forgot about the neutral AH cut (which the damned magical rooster should have made me never forget). I lost about 1K in AH fees. D: Oh well, still ahead.

Anyway! The only reason the recipe was that price was that I listed it as that. I actually bought it for 120 gold. I would have sold it for 7K straight (though 8K was really as low as I wanted to go, there was still wiggle room since I got it so cheaply). I really enjoy how the seller sets the value of the item. felknight has an old item to learn some first aid skill from, no longer needed or used in the game. But the item still has value! What value? HE decides that. And you need only one buyer to agree with you on the value to make the sale.

I love the AH. :)

Edit: Oww, my pocket. Bought a X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME and a X-51 Nether-Rocket to flip in MoP, 130K and 120K. D: Hopefully they should sell for a whole lot more later!


Kitty news: I got the humane trap this afternoon and set it up, but Mr. Stray didn't come around until just now. :/ My vet closes in an hour, so I had to not catch him. Er, not TRY to catch him. He's a clever little thing and had little interest in walking into the trap.

The more I look at him, the more I see how beaten up he is. I had seen some kind of injury on his inner foreleg, but now I think he has a big scar on another leg. Something probably tried to chew him up, they look too big for cat fight wounds. :/

I'm going to try to get him tomorrow. I'm going to work from home so I can scurry him off to the vet as soon as I catch him. If I do. Hopefully I will.
Tags: ah pvp, stray cat, wow
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