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Final decision on Mr. Stray

I've made "final" decisions on him so many times already, but I've only just now worked everything through and looked at the truth instead of the emotions.

When/if I catch him, I'm going to let them take him to the Humane Society (no kill, unless the cat is unadoptable for medical/behavior reasons).

There are two big reasons why I won't be keeping him:

1) Looking at it beyond the WANT WANT HE'S PRETTY I WANT HIM feeling, I'm happy right now. I'm happy with one cat and one litterbox and the amount of cat in my one bedroom apartment. As important as that, I think Ellie is happy now (or as happy as she's able to be).

2) He doesn't need me. He's beautiful and loving. People will line up to adopt him. I'd love to have him... but so would lots of other people. I'd rather take the cat that no one wants. There are kittens at rescue places with three legs, missing tails, one eye, whatever. I've been thinking about this kitty for weeks now. He needs me, pretty stray cat doesn't.

Stray cat does need to get off the streets, and I can do that much for him (if he'll be so kind as to go into the trap), but hopefully someone else will give him a great home.

I'm very sad, I feel like I lost him, but I think it's the right thing to do.
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