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Who would think that Harry Potter/DBZ RP in WoW would be bad?!

Gah, biggest let down ever. I saw a fellow with an interesting RSP and his 'current' setting stated he was looking for death knights for a plot and so I went all EEE! It could be interesting!

I spent the whole day trying to RP with him, but again and again he logged on and then idled out. Eventually, later than I usually start RPing, I caught him!

Starting random RP with someone is often hard, but in this case I had a good opening. He was a death knight, walking around in "street clothing" (no armor), and no rune blade! So Haken stomped up, frowned, and demanded to know where his blade was. (For non-WoW folks, a DK's blade is basically their soul.)

The guy frowned back at him, but told him he could earn the right to know the secret of not being bound to a runeblade. (Yes, at this point I could have run away, but a wacky RP idea can work well in the hands of a good RPer, so I'm willing to give odd ideas a chance.)

Turns out he wanted Haken to earn the right by fighting him, but that he has been a former Scourge Lord and Haken was one step above canon fodder... On top of that, my time was going short, so I asked if we could keep the fight brief.

Oddly, the guy was still in just cloth clothing. Then he posted. Somehow he made "magic snow" fall all around him, which formed into his armor and an axe as big as him. o.O

The fight went downhill from there. His fighting was straight out of a DBZ ep. At one point, the two were three paces apart. The guy comes running at Haken, and in the space of those three paces, makes a ghoul arm pop out of the ground. He stepped into the hand and launched himself at Haken, intending to knee him in the face.

Um, hello? A ghoul arm is basically just the bones. A man in, um, magic armor, carrying a massive axe, stepping into a ghoul's hand will break the bones. It is not a springboard that would permit him to launch himself into the air high enough to knee someone's face!

But whatever, fight done in two post rounds. And so, by losing the fight, Haken earned the right to hear about the secret. (Buh?)

This is where things got good (bad). There had been a living blood elf woman who had been tagging along. He waved her over and pulled up her sleeves, showing Haken the runes along her arms. Haken was all WTF MAN, putting your soul into a living person instead of a blade is S-T-U-P-I-D. The guy went on to explain that his soul was scattered all across "the Azeroth" in various objects. Harry Potter/Horcruxes, anyone?

Then it got even better (worse). All this time, he's rubbing the woman, standing right up behind her, rubbing her all over, as he explains to Haken how the he can use the runes to command and control her. (She attempted to pull away at one point, but he wouldn't let her go.) I could too easily guess where he was going with that, but he laid it out further anyway: He told Haken that Haken could get his emotions back (ummmm, he has emotions now...) if he found a living elf to "coexist" with.

Luckily I had IC reason to leave at that point (hello batshit insane knight), and I was OOCly out of time.

Edit: Also! Sorry for slow reply on comments! I suck at keeping up with them over the weekend, I always fall behind on Saturday and Sunday, then catch up on Monday.
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