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Teen Wolf, WoW, IC fanart

Three things make a post!

Teen wolf is the slashiest show on TV, and I love it. (For many reasons! Not just that they openly write for the fan base!) You wouldn't think a show based on an old movie and running on MTV would be good, but it's my favorite show of all currently running.

How slashy is it? Look at this short (less than a minute) clip:

Ha! :D

RP: segoryder's character ICly drew a picture of mine, and it's the best thing ever. :D Thistle doesn't smile much, he's always looking serious and... well... *snickersnort*. :D

WoW: After much thought (seriously, I've been considering this a year or more), I got a second WoW account. I could list the pros and cons of my decision, but I don't think it would make for interesting reading. The three expansions were on sale for $10 each, and I won't miss an extra $14 per month. I didn't figure in a $25 fee to move a character from one account to another, but that's a one-time thing. (I picked someone I wouldn't miss, so if I ever close the second account down, I won't be moving him back.)

To aid in cross-faction moving of things over the neutral AH, I rolled a level one. As I was going to use the recruit-a-friend summoning feature, I could do any race, there was no need to run them to an AH. The creation screen started me on a Draenei woman, and I fell in love. So pretty! Face and skin! So I made one. Meadowgrass. I love how she prances. I feel like a pretty, pretty pony when I'm on her. Why did I hate them for so long?!

Now having an open slot on my main account, I rolled a new level 1 there (Sedgegrass, hunter #5 for me) and on the second account a level 1 mage (Meadowsedge -- Meadow Sedge, to continue my plant theme, though I expect everyone to read that as Meadow's Edge.) I'm not sure how much faster RAF leveling bonus is than full heirlooms + guild bonus, but it's at least a little faster, plus you're doing two alts at the same time.

Now I'm happy I own every heirloom in the game. I can put them to good use!

Related to that: Having every heirloom, there's nothing left to do with my honor, so I'm TBing on a new alt. (Clove has everything TB-related already, the mounts and such.) It's SO HARD to go from PvPing on a ranged caster to a melee. Right now I'd say I like doing it on warlock a lot more than paladin, but Reed has no gear yet, so it's not fair to compare.
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