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Dinner and a movie

Chinese food and Chamber of Secrets. What more could one want?

So many extras! Such a great thing. I loved the interviews with the actors. Some things I noticed:

Colin is so totally cute, both in character and the actor. I just want to run over and hug him.

I read too much fanfic. This is the second time that I was somewhat surprised upon seeing Snape -- he's really not that sexy at all. I think I like the fanfic version better. :P

Oliver... Oh my god. Excuse me while I melt. Can we get a CD of him talking? Saying anything? Just let him read from the phone book or something. I wasn't even listening to his words, his voice was enough. Mmmm.

For anyone who watched the interview with Sprout, tell me that actress wasn't smoking something from the greenhouse. She was cute, but totally ... out there.

The actors behind Molly and Arthur Weasley seem like wonderful people. Two more I'd just like to hug. And oddly, it seems like all these British actors talk in such quiet voices. Really cute.

But the first thing I watched: Lucius. Wow. He's sexy alone, but bullying Draco? Even better. That cane, that hair, that attitude. Mmm.

Filch. Eee. The cut scene, where Harry found his letter from Kwikspell (sp?). The way his lips were moving. I wanted to cry for him.

But listen, on cut scenes: There were only six of them, and a couple of them were only a second or three long. There had to be a lot more scenes that were filmed and cut. Why not offer more? I'd pay a heck of a lot of money for a DVD of just cut scenes.

I have to watch the rest of the extras soon, I had to stop for American Idol. Yes, if you wish to shoot me I won't dodge. I deserve it. Gotta see my Clay though, he's cute.
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