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Okay, I give in! I'm going to try to get active on Tumblr. I'm NOT leaving LJ (how many new social sites have come and gone while LJ goes on and on?), but hopefully I can swing keeping up with both.

So if you have a tumblr, leave me a comment with your name there! Please please please mark if it's NWS (I can't follow those for now). Since NWS varies among people, for me that's any naked bodies (or half-naked, for women), or text of a graphic sexual nature.

<3 !

(Edit: I should mention, I'm thistle-chaser there. HOW'S THAT FOR A SURPRISING NAME FOR ME!)

Also, to make everyone else in the country hate me, it was COLD out this morning! I almost went back inside for a jacket! And our high today is going to be 68. :D Best July Ever!
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