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Packet chicken

It's been a long time since I made a cooking post. It's been a sadly long time since I cooked. I decided it's time to start getting back to it*, so I went back to the beginning -- the reason I started growing my herb garden outside.

I wanted to make this chicken packet dinner. I have no idea why I got fixated on that (I don't like tomatoes!), but I did. It looked simple and easy to make.

It wasn't quite as simple as it looked. Growing herbs was just the beginning! On the thyme, do you want to use just leaves or is the stem okay, too? (The stem was so hard, it might as well have been a stick!). Same question for the basil. Plus my basil didn't look so great, I don't think it's a happy plant. I washed it VERY well, just in case something was eating it. (Edit: Oh yeah, I left out the onions, because cooking onions this way worried me. Browning them? Okay. Mushy steamed? Seemed like not good eats.)

I ended up having to use scissors to cut both of them. I have brand new knives, but for some reason they weren't cutting well.

Smelled wonderful while it was cooking! I had high hopes!

Turned out pretty good. I like tomato sauce, so I thought cooked tomatoes might be okay, so I tried one. Not bad at all, sort of like under-flavored tomato sauce! (Until I got to one that was raw in the middle, BLECH.)

The chicken didn't get brown at all, was just poached-white color, so I was a little worried at the flavor, but it was fine. Not fried chicken-good of course, but we're talking basically plain boneless skinless breastmeat with next to no fat added...

I'm going to make this again, though I might wait and get fresh basil at the farmer's market.

I think tomorrow I'm going to try roasting the rest of the tomatoes and see how that goes.

(* I make this whole story sound innocent and cheery, but in truth I was an idiot yesterday and my blood sugar got very bad. Not "go to the ER" bad, but worst it's ever been since I started checking. Thus I (re-)learned the lesson that no, I cannot eat whatever I want, as much as I want, whenever I want. Sigh. It's been a year now, you'd think I wouldn't have to relearn that.

Also, I sneezed today and my ribs didn't hurt, thus they must be healed. Back to exercise tomorrow, too.)
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