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A WoW post, or: A small understanding with Ann Romney.

The Romneys are rich. Very, very rich. So when Ann Romney said she didn't feel rich, a lot of people raged.

I didn't.

I just bought three Crimson Deathchargers today, and now I feel dirt poor. I currently have 677,458 gold on Horde side. On one level, I know that that is a lot of gold, but to me? I feel broke. I was working so hard to get back up to a million, I was at 940K, then one deathcharger was up cheap (120K), and then two more got listed cheaper (77.5K). It's really interesting how brains work. I walk up to a vendor and wonder if I have enough to buy something (which is really, really silly, I know).

I have quite a herd of them going on in my guild bank:

(Other items are the two TCG rocket mounts, the two TCG hippo mounts, all the Lich King drops (except music box), and the Gift of Arthas scroll that is no longer in the game so was a bitchkitty to get but I wanted it for my LK collection.)

While I love love love the new RAF mount (easily my favorite mount by far), I have buyer's remorse at getting a second account. I'm not making anywhere near the gold I thought I would be (seriously, "pennies"). And how did I forget that I don't like leveling? I love the new mount, but I don't think it was worth $50. Once I can, I'm going to let my second account expire (four months, one free one plus a three month gamecard).

I'm leveling a mage on the second account with a hunter on my main. The mage I wanted over there for portals on my main account (easier archaeology when MoP comes), and I don't mind leveling hunter, so I picked that as the "master" character. The mage is on /follow and does nothing as we level. They're up to 25 or so. The XP is nicely fast with RAF.

I hit 100K HKs on my account, so when MoP comes, I'll have that achievement and my "of the Horde" title. I got it early on Saturday... only to find I couldn't stop TBing. I felt like I HAD to go. This morning I uninstalled the addon, so I don't see the countdown timer on my UI all the time, and now it's really easy to forget it exists. Today was a very nice day without having to queue and wait every two hours. :)

Ha ha, perfect post for this icon! That's supposed to be Thistle in the box, though it's hard to tell.
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