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Gooooooood dinner!

Cooking success! Though there wasn't really all that much cooking involved, which might just be why it was a success. :P

Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas.

The person wrote: " The key ingredient to making them so mouth-watering was pan-fried high-quality pepperoni to give each bite the crispy texture reminiscent of real pizza." That was so true. I've done this before without pre-cooking them (and using cheap ones) and it didn't come out well at all. These were the best thing I've eaten in ages.

I used this pepperoni, which cost twice as much as the brands I was more familiar with, but it was totally worth it. Most pepperoni is too spicy for me to eat, especially raw, but this stuff was yummy and not too spicy.

I'm so looking forward to making this again, and as I had to buy a package of pepperoni and tortillas, and open a new jar of sauce for this, I'll be making them again soon so I can use up those ingredients. Like tomorrow. :D

I have no idea how it works, but it was many times better than a great slice of pizza. Mmmm
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