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Tumblr question (Answered!)

(Question's been answered, but I'll leave this post up just in case someone else needs the info. Thanks to halogin!)

Okay, all you Tumblr folks out there, I have a question. The site is pretty darned straight-forward, but I keep running into an issue. How do you tell who has made some types of posts?

See the screenshot here.

There's no name of who posted. Neither the subject line nor the body are clickable. The note number thing leads to the URL at the bottom of the shot (my dashboard). The only way I can ever find out is to start to reblog it, then to back out of that. Which is stupid.

I'm using the default style, I changed nothing other than enabling the ask box (though this was happening before that). Is this just some odd Tumblr thing or am I doing something wrong?

Edit: And oh hey. Yay! Same-Sex Marriage Unanimously Included In DNC Platform Draft!
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