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I'm my father's daughter

And no, that's not a good thing. I have something wrong in my head, in my mind.

I need to go get cat litter today, I used the last of it up last night. I own one cat. I could go to the supermarket and get a box/container of it. It'd last me a week or so. Heck, I could get a couple of them. But I won't.

I'm going to go to the pet store and buy a 25 pound container of it. Three of them. That's 75 pounds of cat litter for a 12 pound cat.

I do this for everything. I have six new deodorants in my closet, ten boxes of Aosept (for cleaning contacts). I have like twenty bars of soap. Five new containers of shampoo. Why? Is the world going to end? Will I suddenly not be able to make sure my contacts are clean?

My father, who grew up in Germany in WW2, did this stockpiling thing. When I was a kid, he didn't just by colas by the case, he bought a floor-to-ceiling stack of cases at one time. This habit of mine must have come from him, but even knowing that I panic at the thought of just buying a regular sized box of kitty litter. What if I run out? What if my car breaks down and I can't go get more? What if the world ends, how will I clean the litterbox?!?

I am overflowing with Issues.
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