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Edit: I appear to have forgotten to write a title. Problem solved!

First off, look at the amazing picture of Thistle done by Sego! Now look at this post's icon, then look at the picture again. Eeee, it's the same, but with Penny all grown up! (And Thistle dyed his hair between the two pictures.)

Secondly, last night's RP didn't happen. Le sigh! It kind of worked out, as I was seriously brain dead. I happened into a bit of random RP tonight though, so yay!

Thirdly, depending on what your WoW goals are, I can't recommend the RAF leveling experience. If you're just interested in getting to max level and raiding or whatever, then it's great. But for me, once an alt hits 85, I drop them and just use their professions, nothing else. I'm leveling a hunter/mage pair, and it's just such a lacking experience. The mage rarely gets touched, other than when I have to un-AFK him. I can't enjoy leveling the hunter because I'm always distracted by making sure the mage is following and that he picked up/turned in the quests, got his quest items, got credit, etc.

I feel like a horrible player because I haven't touched professions on them. Usually I do herb/mining as I level (free XP! lots of gold!), but how could I keep the two generally even while paired up?

Mage seems like it would have been fun to level. The abilities seem powerful and handy. (Seems like it would rock in PvP, too.)

Since the boys are leveling so fast, I decided to buy no gear at the AH and sell any BoE that drops. I figured, hey, the quest rewards would do them fine, right? They're level 66 now, and the mage is still wearing one white and one grey piece, both from the belf starter zone. Neither cloth gloves nor boots have been the reward from any quest we've done so far. It boggles me. Luckily a full set of heirlooms makes up for a lot.

On the other side of the RAF coin, I'm still in love with the mount. Easily my favorite mount ever. One thought did strike me though: The flying cat mounts from JC in MoP, I bet they're going to be just recolors of this, sort of like they're adding in a recoloring of the giant golden RL money dragon mount. That's going to be sad, they'll be a lot less special then.

...that whole RAF part came out sounding a lot more negative than I meant it.
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