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Stray cat, WoW, TV

The Saga of the Stray Siamese Kitty is finally over for good. After a week and a half of not coming around, he showed up today, with a new collar and tag on. So either he was owned all along and just lost his collar, or someone took him in. I think the latter, since he wasn't starving this time (he turned up his nose at the dry food!) and looked better. I really, really wish whoever took him made him an indoor cat, but at least I can worry a little less now.

With him taken care of, I'm pondering getting a second cat/kitten. I really want one (I always want one!), but I watch Ellie run from one end of the apartment to the other and I think about how much more fun she might have with a second cat. (Or maybe she's like me and happy she's the only cat...) I wish there was a way to know for sure which she would like better.

TV is annoying me, or rather one show is. Sit Happens. A gameshow based on musical chairs. Seriously? Musical chairs? Watch the preview, the show looks like a bad joke.

WoW: Oh woe is my wallet. Two crimson deathchargers went up for 70K-80K each, so of course I snagged them. All the progress I made to recover from the last pair of horses is gone. I'm up to eight deathchargers now, which will be great IF I win this gamble. With mounts going account bound, TCG mounts have to go up in price, right? No one will need to buy a second one, but more people should want them since you will get more bang for your buck from them. This is the MoP gamble I feel the most sure about, but it's also my biggest one. I really hope I'm not wrong.
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