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Feel free to keep on scrolling. :) (IC post)

Sorry for the IC post! Feel free to skip. :) I needed a place where I could write something longer than in-game mail would permit.

[Left on the captain's desk, the day after the meeting.]

Report on the meeting in Northrend
on August 19, [IC year]

I was in Silvermoon and I bought a portal to Dalaran. From there I rented a flight to the tournament grounds. There hadn't been word of where we were supposed to gather. I walked around and saw some blood knights. That was where we were meeting.

A tauren woman and a sin'dorei woman took the stage. It was the tauren who did all the talking. She didn't introduce herself or give her name. I was confused why she was the one who was speaking. The sin'dorei with her didn't say anything.

She said she was in Silvermoon and she heard someone yelling. She said she didn't hear what they said, but she followed it to the source. (I don't know how she did that. If she didn't hear what they said, how could she hear it well enough to follow it to whoever was yelling?) She said it was a group of death knights. A splinter group. She said they were no longer of the Ebon Blade. She also said they wouldn't speak a word to her or answer her questions. So I don't know how she knows that.

There was a death knight there. His breathing was strange. You could hear it from far away. He didn't introduce himself. (No one did.)

There was a forsaken and another tauren (man) there. The forsaken man never said anything that I heard. The tauren man was loud from the beginning. Anytime anyone else spoke, he yelled at them. When I asked why it was a tauren woman who was leading the meeting about a threat in Silvermoon, he said I was racist. The death knight said I should be punished for being racist. I moved away from them, but I didn't leave. I didn't say anything else, and they focused on other people. I didn't like either of them. I think they are the threats.

The death knight kept talking about killing people. The tauren woman wanted him to go undercover in the death knight group and he wanted to, too. Some of the sin'dorei spoke up against this. Both tauren and the death knight got very mad at them. Everyone argued. (I stayed quiet.)

The tauren (both of them) argued that Silvermoon was their home, too. That it belonged to them just as much as to us. Others disagreed. (I disagree.)

The death knight kept making threats. That he would "paint the sea with our blood" if we kept putting the sin'dorei before the Horde. He also said he would blow up everyone's penis. (Explode them.)

Senni stood up more and more to the others as the meeting went on. He was one of the only ones there who made sense. One of the other blood knights said we shouldn't trust the death knight at the meeting. That made sense, too.

Then you arrived, Captain.

*ink blot, smattering of dots of ink as report continues, as if his hand had picked up a tremble* Captain, I know death knights can be bad. I know a lot ARE bad. They're dangerous. I know they can make groups and be even worse that way. I don't trust them. I think we should be careful and we should be safe about all of them. But I don't believe the tauren woman. There were too many holes in her story. Her story changed from the beginning of the meeting to the end. But we should still be careful.

Mikha Sunthistle
August 20th [IC year]

For everyone else, here's a line from the scene:

[Name] says: If you make another remark about the Horde being lower than the elves, I'm going to tear out your throat and dress the whole sea with your blood, then stuff the hole in your penis with dynamite and light it on fire...

"stuff the hole in your penis". How's that for an awkward insult!
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