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Thanks, SE, I didn't need to sniffle before work

It's strange when something happens that makes issues that previously seemed big vanish.

The whole thing about my feelings towards WotLK vs other expansions? Like so much dust underfoot.

I'm still on the FFXI mailing list, and today I got an email about an upcoming concert. WoW is down, so hey, I watched the attached video. Seeing the FFXI cities and starter zones, hearing the music, my eyes teared right up. It was like having glimpses of your beloved home after being away for years and years.

Blizz has spoiled me in a number of ways (and I forgot things about SE). That none of the game people they interviewed spoke English surprised me for a long moment. More than that, the quality of the video (SO BAD) surprised me, too. It sounded like it was recorded in a public bathroom, the voices all echoed and were really hard to understand. (Would a video they were sending out to the Japanese part of their playerbase have such poor quality?)

But mostly the emotional punch surprised me. What I feel for WotLK is less than nothing compared to what a 30 second clip from the FFXI game can make me feel. It's been more than three years since I quit (June 16th, 2009 was the day I canceled), how in the world do I still feel so strongly about the game?

I can't go back. The game is (was?) brutal, and I can't start at level 1 again. More than that, there's the lack of in-game RP -- I would rather spend my time on a game that has it.

I wish it could be different, FFXI. I wish we could still be together. I wish it could have worked out. You were, by far, the hardest game I ever played, but you were also one of the most emotional experiences I've gone through in any book, TV, or game. I hope you never shut down.

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