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I knew it was going to be a day

Had to work late. Still hadn't eaten, so stopped at Subway on the way home. Came back out... car wouldn't start.

45 minute wait for AAA. (I should have gone back inside and eaten, but they said 15-45 minutes so I wanted to watch for the guy.)

AAA guy couldn't start it. He was about to call a tow truck when he tried one last time with a hammer and pipe (no idea what, he put the pipe in the engine and hammered on the other end...). It started, but he said go straight to a mechanic, it won't start again.

Went to the mechanic. They said an hour. I said WOO!

Part arrived. Was used. They had to reorder it. "Two hours!" >:|

Some other stuff happened, no idea what. Ended up being almost three hours.

Three hours of nothing to read but the worst magazines. Cosmo ("15 bedroom tips you NEED to know to KEEP your boyfriend!"), car magazines, and some title I never heard of but was basically "yay penises, boo "fags", don't be a pussy, going to prison makes you a man!".

This is the same shop where I saw my first, last, and only episode of Jersey Shore.

Today they had on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. How on earth do people watch such godawful shows? But hey, after that came some show about being married to a Jonas brother!

All this time I was starving (but I sure as hell wasn't going to eat in the waiting room).

I was pretty sure this was going to happen, I just thought it wouldn't be so soon. I'm so happy I got off my butt and got a cell phone, otherwise it would have been even worse.
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