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Computers, not worth the trouble!

I have a couple projects this weekend, the biggest being cleaning my desk so I can rearrange my computer. The clutter on my desk includes a magazine, which I felt I had to read before I could throw away. (I don't like magazines, I don't need a physical copy of anything, but this is the ASPCA magazine that they send to all members.)

So I was slimming through it, when an ad caught my eye. The image seemed cool and interesting, so I stopped to read the text. Then I started laughing.

Quotes from the text:
Computers were supposed to make our life simpler, but they've gotten so complex they're not worth the trouble. With all the "pointing and clicking" and "dragging and dropping" you're lucky if you can figure out where you are.

Another: It literally puts the world at your fingertips. If you don't know how to use the word "literally", then it's no surprise you can't figure out "pointing and clicking"!

One more: The "buttons" on the screen are easy to read. "Buttons"!

I understand what they're trying to do, market computers to older folks (or, well, "older Americans", per the ad text. Screw you, rest of the world!), it just amuses me the way they're marketing it.
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