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While my hair doesn't look exactly how I hoped (I blame that on the fact that I'm not an Asian man, so it doesn't look on me the same way it does on him), it's still darned spiffy. And short! The back is maybe an eight of an inch long, getting longer as it goes up my head. The bangs are a lot longer than I had hoped (my fault, for showing her that second picture as well). She was a very good stylist and I ended up with bangs just like that. I asked her to shorten them some and she did, but they're still longish.

It's so odd having short hair! I feel half-naked. I keep moving my head, expecting to feel my pony tail. It's really odd to wash it, too. There's nothing there! It's like just washing my head, no hair.

I looked into what it takes to dye your hair yourself. Man, it looks like a lot of work! I bought some "Sun In" stuff that's supposed to lighten your hair, but it didn't do much of anything at all. I'm undecided if I'll try to dye my own hair, go back to her to do it, or forget the whole color thing.

So, all in all, happy! It's not 100% perfect, but she matched the pictures I brought in, so I can't blame her one bit. Yelp reviews say she's more expensive than usual, but it was worth it. ($55 + tip -- it's been more than 10 years since I last had someone else cut my hair, I have no idea about prices anymore.) She was very good, very fast, and the shop is located in a really handy place (the same street they use for the weekly farmer's market, so I knew exactly how to get there and where to park). I'll be going back to her for sure.

And in non-hair news, this made me snicker muchly:
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