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Romney doesn't care about 47% of Americans... likely including you

I try to avoid posting political stuff. The majority of my friends list already agrees with me, and I don't want to make the people who don't feel bad. In this case I'm making an exception. This is that important.

Video of Romney stating he does not care about 47% of Americans (he didn't know he was being recorded).

I could have told you this before the video came to light (though I would have thought that number would be much higher). Why do (did?) people think that Romney would help them, would make things better? For most rich people, their purpose in life is to become richer, NOT to help other people do better. Of course there are exceptions to this, but Romney is an animal-abusing* violent bully** -- he's unlikely to be one of those exceptions.

I know the election is still a couple months away, but I really hope that people do not forget this. We do not need a war mongering bully who holds the office just to help the rich.

* He strapped his dog to the roof of his car and drove cross-country.
** He and a group of fellow bullies chased and then held down a long haired boy and cut his hair by force, calling him homosexual slurs all the while.

Edit: Damn you, Romney. You make me sound like one of those Occupy people.
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