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Nice people, links, fics

I always love it when someone I know points to the LJ of another person who is good to know.

nopejr (a rocking fanfic writer in his own right), pointed to ztrin. Or rather, he linked to this little story of hers. I love writers who have ... "odd" (for lack of a better term) styles. ztrin also wrote this, which I'm in the middle of reading now.

Writing's such an amazing thing. I can't figure out how people write in different voices (paces, "distances" -- how do you sometimes hold the reader at a distance and sometimes draw them close in?). It's like people who sit down and just draw a masterpiece on a napkin -- wonderful to watch, and worthy of more than a little envy. :)

tersa, I was thinking about you in relations to fanfic earlier today: This (*points above*) is why I read fanfic. Yes, sometimes it's bad, yes, sometimes it's not totally on-canon, but there's some damned amazingly good stuff out there. Stories that make me laugh out loud, cry, and yell at my computer demanding more. It's really, really worth it. :)
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