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Gotta beat 'em all! (WoW)

The following statement is not exaggeration: Outside of RP, I had more fun in WoW over today's lunchtime than I did in all of Cata.

I didn't want to love you, Pokemon Pet Battles, I've been in love with things like you before. Oh, I don't regret my affair with Pokemon itself, but FFXI did pet battles years ago, and after that I promised myself I wouldn't get burned on a Pokemon knockoff again.

But I really, really, REALLY like WoW's Pet Battles.

Alas something about my setup is bugged and I don't see pet dots on my minimap (tracking is enabled, I can be standing right on top of a battle pet, but no dots). I'm going to have to disable addons to try to figure out what's causing it, because if I can find pets to battle faster, it will be even better.

I can't even put my finger on what I like about it. I don't have to interact with other people to do it (though I do want to try battles against another trainer sometime). It's nice, it's calm. It's easy to find wild pets to battle (even without my minimap tracking)! It's just nice and calm. (Edit: I noticed I said "nice and calm" twice. Isn't that an odd thing to want out of a game, especially a MMO? But really, that is what makes me happy in games: No stress, not too hard, not frustrating -- I get enough of those things in RL, I don't need them from a game as well.)

I think there's an issue with it, we were supposed to get XP for the character through it (through the dailies, maybe?), but I've gotten no XP yet.

I've done nothing else in MoP yet. I've not set foot in the new lands, not leveled any professions, nothing. And I wonder if I ever will. I could happily play at World of Pokemon and never level up again.

And know what? Having done archaeology on ten alts, eight of them being Professors, has paid off. Literally. I can sell all the extras of the pets!

I really hope I don't get bored of pet battles or finish with them too soon.

It's so odd to be enjoying WoW again. To not want to go back to work after lunch not because I feel I have to sit and camp the AH because otherwise I'll be undercut, but because I'm having fun.
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