Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Debates (political)

Fuck you, Romney. Fuck you. You're a damned child. I knew I shouldn't watch the debates. You're physically unable to follow rules, aren't you? This time and last time you talked over the moderator, argued with her, wouldn't sit your ass down when told to.

And THIS is what people are going to vote for. This fucking bully. Someone who thinks he's too damned good to follow the rules.

Before the debates started, they both agreed to "stay on their own side", and in the very first question, Romney crossed over and got into Obama's face.

Gods above, I hate him so much. I do not believe I've hated anyone this much in a long time. This is what people want as a president? Because "cowboy" type worked so well before.

Other countries are laughing at us over even considering him, but what do people who would vote for him care about the opinions of other countries?

So much hatred. So much. Animal abusing bully. He's going to take the rights away from women. He's going to make women second class citizens. And women are voting for him. Poor people are voting for him. People without health insurance are voting for him. He outright said he does not care about these people, and they're still voting for him.

I boggle. I might cry. This country. I swear.
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