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I need a new alarm clock...

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, that applies even to alarm clocks. My clock knows daylight savings time exists, it knows it has to move forward an hour in the spring and back an hour in the fall. It just doesn't know what exact day to do it. It helpfully changed my clock back an hour last night...

Nothing like waking up, checking your watch, and finding you need to be at work in 15 minutes.

Sorry I've not been posting much lately! Life is BUSY. Or rather, my job in the new group is. I haven't taken a lunch break all week, which is depressing as heck. I need to write more about job foo behind a locked post.

I saw my second Romney political ad last night. I swear, if he believes the things being said about him in them, someone should lock him up in a mental hospital. This one claimed that the world hated Obama, but if Romney was elected the world would love America again. (How exactly would that work? "LOVE US OR WE'LL BOMB YOU!!!"?) Reminds me of my favorite bumper sticker: American flag background with the words: Do what we say or we'll bring democracy to your country, too.

I'm feeling less nervous about the election. Most polls/experts I'm hearing are saying it's going to be pretty hard for Romney to win.

WoW is slowing down for me. Less/no time in the morning to play and not going home for lunch to check auctions = I'm getting reamed in the AH game. BUT! I keep telling myself I don't care. I'm crawling slowly towards gold cap again, I'm back at a comfortable (for me) level of gold. I don't like dailies. I'm back to not enjoying the game in general very much (outside of RP). I keep telling myself there's NO reason for me to begrudge putting time towards my paying job over putting it towards WoW. Most days I actually believe that, too.

Speaking of, time to get to work! Even if I'm not posting as much, I do make time to read my friendslist. It's often the bright point of my work day. :)
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