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Guessing games, ants, Cows for the orking

Guessing game first!

Story summary:

There's a new foreign student in Slytherin. She enjoys mad schnoogles with Draco, but is friendly toward the Gryffindor trio. She's a Parseltongue, but loves "Aunt Poppy". Her father is a Death Eater, but her mother was a healer. She wears a snake around her neck and rides a horse. What the hell is she?

Okay, class. What is she? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? (A hint! It starts with a 'M' and ends with an 'E' and has 'ary su' in the middle!)


Okay, now that I've gotten the snarkiness out of my system (yeah, right), we can move on to other topics. Damned ants have invaded my damned bathroom again. I killed a bunch of them this morning. Wish my cat would kill them, she just sits there and stares at them. Bah.


Work's going to be twice as bad as it usually is. Cow orker is off tomorrow and appears to be MIA today. Maybe he decided to start his weekend early. I'm unsure if I should cry or scream. Grr.
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