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Cruises: The thing of nightmares? And The Handmaid's Tale.

Okay, brain, this is getting silly. Yes, I did not at all like going on a cruise (to put it mildly). But I was bored and unhappy, I was not at any point scared. In fact, the days where the sea was the worst, when everyone else was sick? I enjoyed that the most.

So why, please tell me why, nearly every nightmare I've had since then was about being on a cruise ship? Last night I had a dream I decided to take another cruise to Alaska (...) but as I was getting on the ship we discovered my payment hadn't gone through, none of my paperwork was filled out, I realized I had forgotten to pack even a jacket, and I had forgotten to make arrangements for my cat, so she had to spend 10 days alone in my apartment.

I guess my stress dreams want a vacation?

Books: While I have the first book of Wool for free, I couldn't take another dark end-of-the-world story after finishing two books of that, so I started a different one instead. Little did I realize it wasn't all that different!

I'm not very far into The Handmaid's Tale, maybe six (short) chapters or so. I almost gave up on the book in the first three -- it was another dark book, when I wanted something different, but more than that I hated her writing. She uses semicolons and commas wrong. For example, (paraphrasing, I don't have the book in front of me).

He liked the color blue; too.

Commas were oddly used, quite overused. The whole thing just made me twitch and frown.

Then something happened. I stopped seeing all the issues and instead started "hearing" the writing. It was amazing. I don't mean the subject matter, but how she used words and grammar. This is going to be cliche, but it felt like it was caressing my ears. The tempo of it? The timing? The flow? The music of her text is amazing. (It even got to points where I lost track of what she was writing about and was just listening to how it sounded, which again makes no sense, this is an ebook, not an audio one.)

The plot of the book, which started slow and didn't catch my interest through the first couple chapters, has now hooked me as well.

Too bad this won't be book #25 when I finish it, it would have been a great book to end the year on.
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