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Two (or three, or four!) videos!

1) I'm not a music person. I rarely listen to it, I have very little interest in it. Now and then I regret that. WoW has new music coming out in this patch, and I wish I knew why it catches my attention so hard, I wish I knew how it makes you feel things.

It feels slightly "off", darker than it should. It's surprising to me that music could make me interested in something, but the first part (the first 44 seconds especially), feels almost like it's telling a story. How does something without words tell a story!

2) It's rare for me to watch an advertisement, let alone rewind so I can watch it again, but I love this Baileys Irish Cream commercial. (No idea why there's no apostrophe in Baileys...) The song is great (I remember roller skating to it as a kid!), but it's the women and the graphics that make it:

I actually like the shorter 30 second TV version better, but either way it's a really nice watch. I love the women, they're so pretty and look like they're having fun, love the dresses, love the coloring, love how they all move.

Edit: There's a too-short Making Of video for the commercial.
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