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A long time back, veloxe (and others, I think?) recommended Moon to me. Tonight Tivo recommended it as well, and since it helpfully changed the channel to it without asking me, I watched it.


What a great movie! :D So dark and wrong and good and eeee. Only problem is, I cannot describe it at all without spoiling it! The most I can say is that it's about a man on the moon, alone. You'd think that would be boring, but anything but! So much emotion and so much happens and it's just so wrong and good!

I wish they had ended the movie about 20 seconds sooner. Cut out the 'radio' talk from the different countries talking about him. Let the last scene of the movie be his ship getting closer to the Earth. Let the ending be open, not even knowing if he survived the landing.

Minor thing, but that would have made it perfect for me.

Book #27 for the year: The House of Silence by J.A. Jaken. (Amazon is down at the moment, link goes to Goodreads.)

I considered making a custom lock for this. Though I think she's not active on LJ anymore, the author is on my friends list. Even though there was nothing wrong with the book, it was well written, professional-level edited, and delivered exactly what it said it would, it didn't work for me, and I hate worrying that I'll make the author feel bad.

I've not read an erotic book since I was a young teenager. I have zero issues with sex, porn, erotic writing, or anything of the sort, but it turns out an erotic book isn't for me. I like sex scenes, but I like my books (and fanfics) to be mostly story, with sex here and there, while (shock!) an erotic book gives mostly sex, with story here and there. The book was well written, and though self published was very well edited. It just wasn't for me. I got to just over halfway through, rolled my eyes at another sex scene, and decided I wasn't enjoying it and deleted the book.

The next book is *cough* Next, by Michael Crichton. I'm barely a chapter into it, so no comment on it yet.

I'm making fast progress through my To Read pile! Soon I'll have to actively seek out new books to buy. :D
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