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Why is my wonton soup pink? And why do Americans make no sense?

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I love Chinese food (Americanized Chinese food), but I currently have no restaurant I like to go to. The only way to find a new good place is to keep trying them, so today I went to someplace I had never been before.

Unfortunately, due to the area I live in, most of the Chinese food places are authentic Chinese instead of Americanized. Two totally different types of food.

Double-unfortunately, the place I went to today was the authentic kind.

I tried it anyway, since maybe I might still like it. I ordered sweet and sour pork and wonton soup. The pork was... not good. Picture chunks of pork, 50/50 meat/fat, half-battered and then deep fried. It just wasn't good. Then I opened the wonton container.

The flash glared on that front wonton, they're dark pink like the back ones. The broth is very pink, too. Why? D: The broth tastes okay, but the wontons taste a little odd (different spices than I'd expect) and I HATE the consistency of the filling (like there are rougher bits in the meat).


I may just pull my hair out in the next nine months. Evening news. 30 minutes total:

Five minutes (FIVE WHOLE MINUTES) were spent on Kate Middleton being pregnant.
Less than one minute was spent on Curiosity finding materials that could point to life on Mars.

WHY WHY WHY WHY do Americans care so much about the British royal family? HELLO, remember we fought a WAR to get away from that kind of thing? Arg.
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