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60 Happy Moments

I know I'm really, really preaching to the choir now. I had one Mormon/Romney supporter unfriend me a week or so before the election, and one of his supporters unfriend me right after, which as far as I know leaves no one on my friends list who is against same sex marriage. (... Grr. I went to my user info to check exactly how many friends that is, only to find the format of the page is changed. Sigh.) Anyway! 119 people! If there's anyone in that group against same sex marriage, I don't know about it.

So, since I'm assuming we're all on the same page, I'm going to skip my usual 'blah blah blah how can anyone be against love? Equal rights for all!' speech. Instead, have 60 Moments of Happiness at same-sex weddings in Seattle.

Seriously, if you're against this, there's no hope for you*.

* Not literally, of course. Everyone can grow and change. (I did!) I have hope for people who can't see the love in these photos. One day hopefully they'll see that love is love, no matter what.
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