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Dashed off HP thoughts

This will be quick, as I'm in the middle of a fic (If You Are Prepared)that is, hands down, better than the books. Seriously, no exaggeration. (Thank you, amanuensis1!)

I've felt for a long time that Voldemort is a really sucky bad guy. He keeps getting defeated by a kid. He marks his followers with a tattoo on their arm. He (I assume) named them Death Eaters. What the heck sucky kind of name is 'Death Eater'? Every time I read the book, I see that "plot hole". Why are people so afraid of him? *Snape* is scarier than he is, and commands greater respect as well. Voldemort only has fear on his side, and we only have vague undetailed reasons for that. So he killed lots of people. That's not a rare or uncommon thing. How is it that he held the whole wizarding world in fear?

Thank you for your submission, Mrs. Rowling. After reading your work, I'm going to have to turn it down for a few reasons:

- Your background has a number of plot holes. Please find them and correct them.

(Sorry, little MUSH joke there.)


I knew I should have saved the quote from this story, I'll never find it again. I love how the writer compares Dumbledore to Voldemort, and how Snape really just switched working for one "overlord" (not the right word. Tyrant?) to another. This isn't the quote I'm thinking of, but it's an example:

(Snape is thinking to himself about Dumbledore.) I get the distinct impression that the man loves to torture me. It occurs to me that Dumbledore is a sadist. He forces amity on people the way that Voldemort forces enmity. Dumbledore's personal brand of sadism is accepted because it doesn't leave any traceable scars.


Back to reading. I'm never going to be able to finish it before bed (been reading for four hours, and I'm only approaching the halfway mark). I'm going to be dying to continue it after work tomorrow.
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